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Are you looking for skilled hands which will help you at home, in flat, in the kitchen, in the garden or anywhere else?



Hi, I´m Rukie, a mobile app connecting customers and craftsmen



Do you have skilled hands, can help and want to earn some money?

How it works?

1. Create a demand

Select a craftsman or a service you are looking for. Write exactly what you need, add a photo and address. Send.

Rukie will automatically notify craftsmen near you of a new demand and they can respond to it right away.

2. Agree on price and date

Craftsmen will discuss details with you, they will propose date and price. The choice of a craftsman with the date and price is only up to you.

3. Leave a rating

After the realization of your demand, don´t forget to rate your craftsman and thank him for a job well done.

Good craftsmen build their reputation this way and may gain even more satisfied customers.

Rukie is used by thousands of craftsmen




Assembly workers

and thousands more of skillful people of 19 crafts and 13 services

Download for freeStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj iPhoneStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj Android

19 Crafts




Assembly worker


Car Mechanic


Construction work



Water Plumber

Appliance Mechanic


Heating Engineer



Fireplace Builder


Wood Carpenter

13 Services

Part-time Jobs





Rental of equipment


Bicycles repair


Rental of tools

IT Service


You can find Rukie craftsmen in 1366 towns and villages in Slovakia.

Download for freeStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj iPhoneStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj Android

How to earn money with Rukie?

Download mobile app to your phone and check „I want to earn money with Rukie“ while signing up. Select categories you are skilled in and the town where you work. Rukie will afterwards show you demands near you and will notify you, if a demand suitable to your profile shows up.

Gain a customer

Rukie automatically notifies craftsmen and other service providers of new demands in the neighbourhood. Gaining new customers has never been easier.

Build your reputation

Do you do quality work? Build your reputation in Rukie and gain even more customers. Keep in mind that not only the customer rates you, but you can rate the customer, as well.

Customer in your phone

Rukie offers the fastest connection to the customer directly in your phone. With an integrated chat, you can easily send price or date proposals.


We’re proud of our partners. Your company can become a part of Rukie family, as well. Write to us and join us.

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Download for freeStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj iPhoneStiahni ZADARMO na tvoj Android

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